What is the rules of badminton and how is it played?

What is the rules of badminton

[kkstarratings] Today we want to know what is the rules of badminton. Badminton is a racket entertainment that wins followers in British after the revelings of Carolina. However, also for being a fun activity with several benefits for physical and emotional health. Determine how to practice it.

The Badminton is a racket sport that can be played individually or in pairs, both indoor as outdoor, and has the peculiarity that whatever hit the contenders is not a ball, but a curio conical Elaborated with cork and feathers natural or synthetic that is known as a steering wheel or pen.

Continuously several years ago it was a minority sport in our nation, but it has become popular after the appearance of the player Carolina in the media for her four victories in the Europeans, her gold at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, all, for having become the first player to win in three world championships of this sport, dominated until then by Chinese, Korean or Indonesian athletes.

The fact that the best badminton player in history was born in our country has significantly increased the number of people who practice it, both young and old. As stated by Carlos Longo Esteban, technical director and head of the Andalusian Training Center belonging to the Andalusian Federation of Badminton, “An increase of practitioners has been noticed mainly in Huelva, the native city of Carolina.”

The Higher Sports Center in its different reports that in 2013, the year before the athlete from Huelva won her first world cup, there were 6,804 licenses, while after her victory at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in this year, the figure reached 7,789 grants, and it does not stop growing.

Although it does not seem like a significant increase, Longo Esteban explains that “in fact, there are many more people playing badminton, since this number does not include school girls.”

Moreover, it is that in schools, in physical education classes, more and more children and teenagers practice badminton or begin to be interested in this sport. There is already a gym that has included it in their training programs so that its exact repercussion will be appreciated in a few years, thanks to all the people who currently practice it without being federated.

Origins of badminton
Badminton is a mass sport in India, where it has its source. There it was called ‘ Poona,’ in honor of the city where they began to practice. Being a British colony, the British soldiers could learn it and take it to their native land, where they got the Duke of Beaufort to take a liking, and indirectly he was the architect of the change of name since his farm, where he played, was called Badminton House. However, other historians consider that the origin of this sport is in China, in a game called ‘ battledore.’

Be that as it may, in 1873 the first club was created in England, and a few years later it began to play in the USA. Moreover, Canada. To understand its rapid growth it is enough to say that in 1910 there were around 300 clubs, and in less than a decade, there were already 9,000. All this volume had to be regulated, and for this, the World Federation of Badminton was created in 1934. Finally, in 1992 he was introduced to the Olympic program.

How to play badminton

The badminton is a sport of racket, individual or doubles, that consists of passing the steering wheel or pen as it is known to the badminton ball over the network until one of the two contenders is not able to return it to the area of his opponent.

This way they will add points to win two games or sets of 21 points, and always with a minimum of two aspects of the difference between the athletes. You can only win by a score of difference if you reach a tie at 29, and in this case, the game will win who gets the 30 points.

Each time one of the athletes gets the point, he starts by taking the next one. Also, at the end of each set, the players will exchange the part of the track, except in the case that there is a third game, in which case they will do so at the moment in which one of the two gets 11 points.

At the moment of service, both the server and the receiver must be inside the service areas on the opposite side of their half of the court, with both feet on the ground, and the shuttle must hit below.

From the waist with the handle pointing down so that the server is considered valid. Once the net passes, you have to go to the service area on the receiver’s side, being able to hit the lines. When the server starts the set or carries an even number of points, he will draw from the right side, while using the left when he has an odd number of points.

The points will be added when the steering wheel touches the ground within the limits of the track. When it stays in the net, when it does not pass over the loss, if it hits the opponent or to any object or infrastructure such as walls or roofs.

If it is beaten twice in a row by the same athlete or his partner in the case of doubles. If someone touches the net or invades the opponent’s field with the body or the racket. It is considered a fault of the one doing it, and if The rival is distracted when he is going to hit with shouting or gesticulating.

As basic badminton strokes, we could talk about the offensive. Clear stricken over the head towards the back of the court. Smash or shot final downward blow, and drop or high made from the bottom of the track to leave it close to the networks and defensive drive horizontal and long, lob the bottom of the road to ward off the opposite. Left go it close to the systems.

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