12 Successful weight gain exercise for female at home

weight gain exercise for female

In this article we provide you with a detailed list of a weight gain exercise for female at home, with which you will feel safe and guided at all times. If you are looking for the best weight gain exercise for female then you choose the right place. Yes, if you can gain weight need to the doing exercise. but you should need to the workout daily gym or home.

If you want to know about “weight gain exercise for female at home” you have read the blog step by step. Usually when talking about exercises for women they are quickly associated with a physical training to lose weight. However, there are many women who seek to gain muscle mass and shape their figure.
Although women take a little longer than men to gain and define their musculature, it is not impossible to achieve that goal. The necessary thing is to consider the objective in the medium-long term and not wait for immediate results.weight gain exercise for female
It is also important to keep in mind that it involves constant work and enough effort since a good exercise routine to tone and work certain areas of the body is the only way to gain muscle mass in women.
Before starting any exercise, it is important to consult your physiotherapist to discuss the suitability of a particular exercise according to your physical condition. Avoid doing any exercise if it is causing pain or irritating an injury. Seniors with inadequate balance and reduced levels of fitness should always perform these exercises of the groin muscles under the supervision of an expert to avoid muscle tensions in the groin and thigh.

Best weight gain exercise for female at home

1 – Squat with weights

This is a perfect and very effective exercise to help gain muscle in the leg area and can be performed with dumbbells that help define the lower body even more. To weight gain exercise for female at home in the legs, squats should be an important part of your exercise routine. To do them, you should stand straight, separating your feet a little more distance from the perpendicular of your shoulders. Afterwards, you should flex your legs doing as if you wanted to sit in an imaginary chair.

weight gain exercise for female
squat with weight

The exercise tries to go up and down, sitting and standing up keeping your back straight and upright at any time. You should start doing it slowly, little by little, taking into account doing it with a good technique, and increasing the speed and rhythm when you learn to do them well.

When you master it to perfection, you can add load and difficulty. A good and effective way is to use weights, weight bars or dumbbells, watching that the muscle does not get used to a weight and raising it when you do.

The good thing about squats to increase the muscle of the legs is that you do not need gym machines, but we can do them quietly at home. Even if we do not have material such as weights or dumbbells, we can replace it with carafes, books or other heavy objects.

2. Leg press

weight gain exercise for female

The leg press is the most effective gym machine to weight gain exercise for female, in fact, it is a machine specially designed for it. As with all other exercises, it is important to do it with correct technique, for example, not blocking the knee

3. Medicine ball

weight gain exercise for female

Medicine ball is another weight gain exercise for female at home. Starts from one that we have already explained, the squats, however, in this case we will add an element of difficulty that can make it more enjoyable at the same time as effective. It is the medicine ball, which we must throw into the air and make a squat before picking them up again. The good thing about this exercise is that not only muscles the legs, but also the arms and other muscle groups.

  1. Weight lifting with heels

Using the roller from the back helps to increase the muscles of the legs, specifically the posterior thigh area. With the help of the specific gym machine it becomes easier, but it is also possible to do the exercise at home using a mat and lifting some heavy object with your feet towards the buttocks.

5. Roller
This exercise helps to gain muscle mass in the legs and also work correctly on the quadriceps. The exercise is done by lifting the roller forward and can be done in the gym using a special machine or at home using a chair and some heavy object to lift it with the legs.

6. Push-ups

weight gain exercise for female

Push-ups are the most effective workout for weight gain exercise for female at home. These workouts do not need any special machine and weight. This training also defines and tones all the muscles of the upper body. Your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back will all show obvious benefits.  it is very simple exercise, Do the exercises every day, rest as little as possible between each series.

7. Bench pressweight gain exercise for female

The incline bench press not only works a muscle that is easily ignored by many other programs, it also improves the overall strength and size of the chest. Additionally, the angle of the inclined bench requires that there be more involvement of the anterior deltoids than in the flat or declining bench. So, in this way there will be even more opportunities to increase strength and size, due to the increase in muscle demand required to finish the exercise safely and effectively.

8. Deadliftweight gain exercise for female

The deadlift is a best workout which is weight gain exercise for female at home. That helps you weight gain in a short time.  The main objective of the ‘deadweight’ is to strengthen the legs and gain muscle. Try to start with little weight so as not to hurt yourself and increase as exercise becomes easier. You can do it with a bar, dumbbells or even with a kettlebell.

9. yoga

Yoga is one of the disciplines that every day gains more followers, since it brings great benefits to their practice. To discover the essence of yoga it would be well to recover the etymological meaning of the word: yoga in Sanskrit means “union”, a union that refers to the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. We must be aware that both emotions and thoughts affect the body and the effectiveness of yoga has much to do with the desire to unite the different parts that make us up.

10. Dumbbell chest press

dumbbell chest press

To gain muscle mass in the arms and strengthen the muscles of the chest it is important to practice chest press with dumbbells. You have to start with little weight and increase it over time. We can do it in the gym, or at home, lying face up on a mat and with dumbbells.

11. Dumbbell shoulders press

  • Stand up and separate them using the width of the shoulders as a reference then take a weight with each hand.
  • Raise the weights at the height of the head, putting the elbows at about 90 degrees.
  • Once this, raise the weights up without touching them and hold them a second up.
  • Lower the weights keeping the weight and repeat again.

3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Tip:  Choose a manageable weight so you can perform the full movement. In the event that you can not lower the weight and lift it again, it is probably too much weight.

12. Rowing
Perfect to gain muscle in arms, legs and also work resistance, rowing is also a recommended exercise to increase strength in the back area. Hopefully you have learned a lot of about weight gain exercise for female at home that you have never heard of.

Training recommendations

Using weight is essential to gain muscle mass, therefore the dumbbells will be great allies, but will always be used in specific exercises and the weights will be determined for the anatomy of the woman that is totally different to that of the man as much by complexion as by force .

It is essential to start with low weight and few repetitions and gradually increases, because if you overload the muscles you run the risk of injury. It is better to train a short time intensively and with exercises that will be done slowly.

Diet recommendations to increase muscle mass

In addition, from the mentioned exercises it will be necessary to implement a special diet to gain muscle; it should contain proteins, carbohydrates and foods with antioxidant properties. The correct diet is essential for women who want to increase their muscle mass and therefore the meal plan should include eggs, pasta, citrus fruits and nuts, among other foods.

Thank you so much that you found out a long time later about successful weight gain exercise for female at home

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