Best triceps exercises dumbbells and Tips for Best Results

triceps exercises dumbbells

Good morning everyone! In this new article, we will discuss best triceps exercises dumbbells. Do you want bigger triceps? Of course yes! We all want bigger arms and for that, it is very important to correctly choose the exercises for triceps. That we will perform in our triceps exercises dumbbells routine, so we will get some arms worthy of Arnold himself.

Many people think that to have large and bulky arms you have to train your biceps to satiety and thus enlarge the peak of the biceps, but the truth is that this is not entirely correct. Perhaps it is even more important to train the triceps than the biceps to increase the diameter of our arms and get that aspect of muscular and bulky arms that we like so much.

It is no secret that most men who train with weights like that the clothes mark our muscles and so you can see the hard work we do every day in the gym, and there is nothing better than putting on a shirt and noticing how it fits your biceps and is even a little small, right? At that moment you feel that you are doing your job well and that motivates you to do better and with more desire.

Well, for all those who want to increase the size of their arms, we will show you 4 exercises for triceps exercises dumbbells with which you will get larger and more bulky triceps to show off this summer.

  1. Triceps kick with dumbbell

The triceps kick with a dumbbell is one of the best exercises to define the back of the arm. It helps us to give congestion and shape to the triceps, although it is not an exercise that serves to gain neither physical strength nor functionality, it is used basically by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

In this exercise, you cannot load much weight normally but the burning sensation is incredible, it is one of the best dumbbell exercises for triceps that also serve to pump a lot of blood to these muscles. To do this, lean on a bench with one knee and your hand (on the same side as the knee) and your back straight. Your other hand holds the dumbbell and the foot on the same side of that hand is next to the bench.

triceps exercises dumbbells
triceps kick with dumbbell

Lift your elbow slightly higher than the height of your ribs (as shown) and stretch the forearm and try to keep the extended arm for half a second, after about 8 repetitions you will feel the burning and “pump” feeling. You can also do it without a bench, it depends on how it fits you but the idea is that the column is straight.

2. French press with dumbbells

The French press with bar “Z” is the “mother” of triceps exercises for many, and a good variant is to do it with dumbbells. Such an exercise, like a French press bench with dumbbells, allows you to work with the three heads of the triceps. In the movement, only one joint (elbow) and the minimum number of auxiliary muscles are involved, so the exercise refers to the insulators. It is useful and effective for athletes of any level, but especially for beginners. If you are a beginner and want to feel the hand of the extender, then choose a French press with dumbbells lying down. The base for the triceps is represented by exercises such as push-ups on the uneven bars and the press of the bar with a narrow grip that lies down. These exercises involve several joints and a large number of different muscle fibers.

triceps exercises dumbbells
French press with dumbbells

When to make a French press bench with dumbbells

Since the exercise is isolating, it must be done either at the beginning of the lesson or at the end. Everything depends on your training method. For example, if you are involved in the pre-fatigue method, then this exercise should be done before the base. And if your training is in accordance with the usual plan, then it is better to leave the French press bench with dumbbells at the end of the session, when the entire base will be made.

French bench press with dumbbells: execution technique

  • So, first, prepare two weights and put them near the bank. Sit on the edge of the bench, take the dumbbells and put them on their knees. Now it will be convenient for you to go to bed. Lie on a horizontal bench and lift the dumbbells. The arms should be about the width of the shoulders and at a right angle to the body. Hands at the same time look at each other. Remember this position, since it is the original.
  • With an inspiration, gently lower the weights up to the head until your bottom is approximately at ear level. When going down, the elbows and shoulders should be immovable. Only the elbows and the forearm work.
  • Hold down for only a fraction of a second below, on the exhale; make a soft lift of the weights in the starting position. The hands should be stretched to the end so that the triceps contract as much as possible.
  • It only remains to do the exercise 8-12 times. At the end of the arm extensor approach is well tired, it is necessary to compete with the weight of the weights. Do not be lazy to spend a couple of approaches.

3. Triceps extensions on head with dumbbell

This exercise is also very effective if we do it in the right way. The triceps extension is an isolation exercise directed to the triceps hand. Sitting on a firm chair, grab a dumbbell over your head with your arm stretched. Slowly bend your elbow back so that the dumbbell is behind your head. The arm and shoulder must remain stable throughout the movement. Slowly extend the elbow back to the starting position, make two to three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions with each arm. The rest period between sets should be minimal since they alternate between the arms.

triceps exercises dumbbells
triceps extensions on head with dumbbell

4. Inverted triceps extensions

Personally, I think this is one of the best dumbbell exercises for triceps. since it is not so much the weight you use but rather the technique and speed (slow down) you use. Finish your workout with a tri-series of inverted triceps extensions. A tri-series are three exercises performed one after the other without rest between them. Bending over, take a weight in each hand with your palms facing your head. The elbows should point back and bend 90 degrees to begin. Slowly extend your arms until they are straight, keeping your elbows close to your body. Pause for a moment before returning to the starting position and repeat. During your tri-series, just change the position of the hand in the extension for each series. Changing the position of the hand increases the intensity of the exercise and works the three muscle heads, says Shannon Clark of the website “Body Building”. For the first series, use the standard position; for the second, rotate your palms down to go to the long head, in the third series, turn the palms upwards to work now the medial head. Perform 10 to 12 repetitions per series. Rest for one or two minutes before repeating the new tri-series.

Triceps exercises with pulleys

Although we are already explained in this posts how to develop triceps exercises dumbbells, and the moment now comes to explain how to get strength and how to mark the triceps; another of the muscles located in the arm. We explain how to make the Triceps Extensions in High Pulley.

Triceps Extensions in High Pulley

The extension of triceps in the high pulley is perhaps one of the simplest and recommended exercises when developing the arms. In fact, many times we begin to do exercises to develop the biceps thinking that we will mark more arms although equally important are the triceps.

It is an exercise that is also very recommended for beginners as it is very easy to do and allows you to prepare for more complicated exercises. The number of repetitions will depend on what we put up with or what we want, but the truth is that an adequate figure can be 10 to 15 repetitions.

triceps exercises dumbbells
Triceps Extensions in High Pulley

How to make the Triceps Extensions in High Pulley

Standing facing the apparatus, we place our hands on the handle, elbows aligned with the body, and we extend the elbows trying not to separate them from the body. Exhale at the end of the movement.

The variant made with a rope instead of the handle more intensely requests the vast external of the triceps. By performing the movement with the hands in supination , a part of the effort is transferred to the vast internal one. An isometric contraction of one or two seconds at the end of the extension allows the effort to be clearly perceived.

If the exercise is carried out with a heavy load, it is advisable to tilt the trunk or forward to improve stability. This movement, very easy to execute, can be done by the beginners in order to acquire enough strength to move to more complex movements. The best results are obtained with series of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Tips for making Triceps Extensions in High Pulley:

It is advisable that the arms do not detach them from the body at the moment in which we are flexing to go up with the pulley. If you take off during the extension, you will concentrate neither the strength nor the effort on the desired muscle.

The pulley is a device that can cause the elbow to extend or return to the initial position make a sudden movement, and end up injured. It is better not to do this type of movement and always start slowly and without hurry. Once you have picked up the pace, concentrate on keeping it.

So far today’s article. I hope you liked it and it will be helpful when planning your triceps exercises dumbbells. If you have any questions, comments this article and I will answer you happy. A hug!

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