6 Best shoulder workout without weights you can do at home

shoulder workout without weights

One of the primary parts of the anatomy to strengthen and exercise are the shoulders. If you want to build muscles especially shoulders, without investing in equipment or weights, there are various methods to achieve this including various simple exercises. Taking care of the muscles that shape your shoulders and getting them firm and rounded does not necessarily mean working with weight or dumbbells. You have exercises to tone your shoulder without weights, which only require effort and use your own body weight as the only resistance. However, some exercises do not particularly require to own equipment. With articleonfitness.com, find the essentials about shoulder workout without weights as well as many tips.

Before starting to do exercises for shoulders without weights

Before starting the routine that will be explained below, composed of 4 exercises for shoulders without dumbbells or weights.

  • First of all it is a very important matter to perform the exercises with the right sportswear.
  • Before starting with the first shoulder exercise it is necessary to do a small specific warm-up shoulder for easy to workout.
  • In this way, next discomfort or even possible sports injuries will be avoided.

Warm up exercises for shoulders

  • Mobilize the right shoulder forward and make the same pose with the left one, about 10-15 times each.
  • Then move backwards in the same order slowly at the beginning, the similar number of times before indicated.
  • After this first warm-up movement, it mobilizes both shoulders at the same time, first forward and then backwards about 15-20 times.
  • Finally, raise the right arm until it is parallel to the ground and place it straight and close to the chest, for example, if you do it with the right arm your hand will be straight to the left side. Keep the arm stuck with the help of the opposite hand for 30 seconds and perform the same stretch with the left arm.

When you finish you can start with the following routine to shoulder workout without weights.

Routine to work the shoulder workout without weights

Training your shoulders is easy with these callisthenics exercises that you can perform anywhere. Start by doing 1- 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions and, as your shoulders gain strength, increase the intensity. In this routine to tone shoulder workout without weights, it is important to perform the movements gently and hold for a few seconds then posing that keeps the muscles of the shoulders in tension. Are you ready?

1. Push-ups

shoulder workout without weights

How to exercise your shoulder muscles to strengthen them? One of the simplest ways is practicing a basic exercise in many exercise routines, bending or funds. It is something basic precisely because it is essential for the development of the shoulder and other areas of the upper body train. The classic ones can be realized or some more specific alternative for shoulders:

  • Part of lying face down on the floor, with hands supported at chest height and separated according to the width of the shoulders.
  • If you have done previously and have some experience, support the toes but if you have not gained enough strength you can support the knees, because what matters is to gain strength in the upper area.
  • Make 4 sets of 10 repetitions.

2. Inclined bends

There is an alternative workout that is also very effective to strengthen the shoulder area, although it is necessary to have previously done the classic push-ups. They are called inclined bends and consists of following these steps:

  • Perform correctly the same exercise as in the classic push-ups, placing the feet, back and hands well.
  • However, your hands must be placed on a step or bench, so that there is a gap between the top and bottom of the body.
  • It is recommended to perform 4 sets of 8 repetitions each.

3. Wall climber to exercise the shoulders without dumbbells

shoulder workout without weights

This workout can be a little difficult the first time it is done, but it will help in a very effective way to strengthen the shoulders thanks to the use of one’s own weight. First of all, it is necessary to stand next to a wall that does not contain any type of decoration and in which the feet can be placed. Follow these steps to perform the Wall climber exercise :

  • Start with the stretched out position face down carefully, with your feet resting on the wall.
  • Try to climb with your feet on the wall, so that at the end the body is practically in line with the wall.
  • Then it goes down again to do it again.
  • It is recommended to do 4 sets of 5 repetitions.

5. Shoulder Presses

shoulder workout without weights

In this exercise, it is about doing specific push-ups for the shoulder area. To do this, follow these steps:

  • It needs to supports both the feet on the ground, supporting the almost complete plant and the hands so that the body forms an inverted ‘V’.
  • Then flex the arms, thanks to the strength of the shoulders, bending the elbows and raise again, stretching the arms without moving the feet or hands.
  • It is recommended to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions.

6. Dynamic iron to exercise the shoulders without weights

This exercise will be left in the last place since its main objective is not to gain strength but mobility, which is also necessary to avoid suffering any type of injury.

Take note of these simple steps to make dynamic plates correctly :

  • To begin, part of lying on your stomach, with your palms flat on the floor like your toes as in a classic iron.
  • Instead of maintaining the position, slowly move your hands backwards, raising the hips but without moving your feet, until the body is forming an inverted ‘V’, with arms fully extended.
  • Return to the starting position to perform the exercise again.
  • It is recommended to do 4 sets of 8 repetitions.

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