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how to start running overweight

If you are looking how to start running overweight in this article for you. Read and enjoy.

The running is an excellent sport for people who decide to take care of themselves and reduce excess weights in the healthiest way. It is always difficult to take the first step for running. But if you are agreeing to bet on your health look carefully at the tips of this basic guide to start running if you are overweight.

A well balanced diet and daily exercise helps keep you healthy. This is all you need to find yourself well and maintain your body enough rhythm that contributes to your well being.

It is very important to take the necessary measures to avoid fatness. If you want to start running and you have extra kilos you must take into account the steps to follow to do it with all the guarantees so that the exercise never involves a risk of injury.


how to start running overweightRunning is an activity within the reach of actually anyone because it is a sport whose intensity can adapt to the characteristics of each. But even so, if you have an overweight before starting to run it is acceptable to carry out a medical checkup that confirms that there is any disease that discourages sports practice. Cardiac or respiratory diseases, hypertension, diabetes you have to know if you suffer and to what extent to adapt the exercise to each case.

Also, before starting if you have no idea how to start running overweight, you should take into account the following steps:


It is essential to establish a weekly plan to start running if you are overweight which causes the exercise to increase in time and intensity gradually. Your body needs to get used to physical activity because surely your overweight is linked with sedentary lifestyle habits. Decide the days of training. To start running with overweight, two days (maximum three) of weekly exercise is more than enough.


Starting in running with overweight means that you will always do your first few kilometers walking, not running. Walk at a good motion increasing your time and effort as you gain fitness. You can start walking 15 minutes on the plane space. Little by little, try to reach 30 minutes and include some more difficult area, for example, a hill.


Spending a few minutes to warm up before running and finish the activity gradually decreasing the intensity is basic for any runner. But if your weight is even more then it is more important for you.


After the first two weeks, it will be good for you to do some complementary exercises that strengthen the muscles that work the most with the help of a personal trainer. Remember that running is an impact sport, so quadriceps and powerful twins will always be a help in preventing injuries if you run with overweight.


You must find yours. Do not demand more from your body than you can give. As we said, start walking and when you’re ready to include a few minutes of jogging on your walk. In the first set-up sessions, a typical program could be based on a 10-minute fast walk and complete with 1 – 3 minutes of jogging.


how to start running overweightAre you going to start running but are you overweight? In addition to consulting all your questions with your doctor, you can read the following recommendations before getting started in this sports practice:

  • Preparation at the mental level is also important to start running if you are overweight. Running with overweight implies a clear objective: to lose weight. Focus on that goal and find your own motivation so that in moments of discouragement (logical at the beginning), keep in mind that your effort is worthwhile.
  • If you start running with overweight is also essential to establish a proper diet to get all the benefits that you will report the exercise.
  • It is also essential to respect rest days. Do not get obsessed with losing weight. You must have patience and give your body the rest it needs after an activity to which it is not yet accustomed.
  • Finally, seek support if you need it. A personal trainer or start running in the company of another person who shares your goals can help you overcome the first phases of training.

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