How to increase testosterone naturally with foods- Super Guide 2022

how to increase testosterone

If you feel little sexual desire, you have erection problems, you feel low motivated, and you find many problems concentrating, you may be having low testosterone. Don’t worry if you have no idea about how to increase testosterone you come to right place. Cause In this note, we help you how to increase testosterone levels and to feel satisfied with yourself.

Testosterone is the principal male hormone responsible for playing an important role in the sexuality and reproduction of man. That is why when low testosterone can get to feel symptoms such as lack of sexual desire, erection problems, lower sperm count, depression and even a significant weight gain, while your muscle mass decreases and your hair falls.

To know if you have low testosterone the best thing you can do is to have a doctor to perform the relevant blood tests and follow up correctly, since testosterone levels often fluctuate throughout the day. Even so, and when in doubt, you can begin to follow our advice to give your hormones a little push before going to the doctor.

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Here we will show you how to increase testosterone naturally without synthetic medication, since in that case, it is the doctor who is in charge of saying what to take and what not to take. Still, to start a treatment, it is best to keep these recommendations as they act directly on the production of the hormone, and will be useful to reinforce in the case of taking medication.


1. SLEEP WELLhow to increase testosterone

The first advice to increase testosterone is to have a good rest, that is: sleep between 6 and 8 hours. Go to bed early in the evening and wake up no later than 8 am, where testosterone levels are at their highest point.

Studies have confirmed the relationship between a high and low testosterone levels and better or worse sleep quality. The greater the amount of testosterone, the better the quality of rest, and the smaller amount you may even suffer from insomnia. But here is when it becomes a kind of vicious circle, because the greater the amount of sleep, the greater the production of testosterone, then sleep is what you need.


Although the lower the amount of testosterone the more you gain weight, do not let that become an excuse for not trying to make a healthy diet and choose the best foods.

Eat properly, eat healthy food and increase your intake of healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats and Omega-3. For example: eat more tuna, avocado, peanut butter, vegetable oils, red meat, etc.


According to studies, the consumption of sugar decreases testosterone levels, and that is why the use of other more natural products such as honey or stevia is recommended.

This may happen due to the action that sugar generates in our body, triggering insulin levels and generating resistance (which later becomes diabetes), and it is these high insulin values that end up lowering testosterone levels.

Reduce your consumption or look for alternatives, but keep in mind that the more sugar you eat the worse you will go with the treatment (even if you are already taking medications related to this lack of hormone).

4. DO EXERCISEShow to increase testosterone

It is proven that exercises increase testosterone levels. Arm yourself with a routine, whichever you prefer, and be constant. You can do strength training such as doing weights or a high-intensity exercise.

If you do not want to go to a gym, you have the freedom to build yourself a good exercise plan. We recommend this plan, which has been designed for people who for one reason or another should or prefer to do exercises from their own home [No more excuses: the best 5 exercises to lose weight without leaving your home!].

Try to do the exercises in no less than 3-4 series, and try to make them fast, so that they maintain a cardio rhythm. The same studies that talk about the importance of exercising caution that slow or long-term exercises have no effect on the hormone.

5. RELAXhow to increase testosterone

The last recommendation we have for you (perhaps the least simple but the most necessary) is that you reduce the tension, since when you release the stress hormone (cortisol), you block the effects of testosterone and its production. This may be related to the fact that, when we are nervous, sexual stimuli disappear generating even more problems (and nerves).

We know it’s not easy, but try it. Look for alternative methods such as yoga or meditation. This point is really important to reach success.

With these tips, we are more than certain that you can increase testosterone, although we remind you that, while practicing them, you should contact your doctor to perform the corresponding exams. And calm, that everything has a solution. Do you see that it is not as difficult as you thought?



Oysters can increase testosterone and increase semen production because it is a source of zinc. Among the functions of zinc is: the formation of new cells, stimulate our immune system, promote good brain function and mental alertness, inhibit aromatase and thus prevent too much testosterone from turning into estrogen.


Avocado is the source of many micronutrients that contribute to increase testosterone, but we emphasize that it is a good source of vitamin B6. It regulates the production of steroid hormones (androgens) that are precursors of testosterone. In addition, vitamin B6 keeps prolactin down.


This superfood is known for its benefits for the heart also has the ability to potentiate the increase of testosterone thanks to the avenacosides. It has also been shown that oats help improve sexual performance thanks to its high content of l-arginine.


Especially its yolk, is a food with a high percentage of protein and cholesterol that potentiate the production of testosterone.


The high content of vitamin B and potassium of these fruits is essential for the secretion of testosterone. In addition, thanks to the bromelain they contain, it helps to stimulate the libido in men.


Just as it is possible to increase testosterone with food, there is also the best list of those that should be kept away or consumed with real moderation if you do not want to see your levels of this hormone plummet. Next, we will give you the ones that you must keep at a distance.


This food is contraindicated in almost all diets by the number of conditions that cause the organism, including thickness and diabetes, to mention only the most common but, in addition, sugar causes testosterone levels to fall by what is considered the worst food for masculinity. The effects of sugar are so unfavorable that, in studies of men suffering from diabetes, men with high levels of their blood sugar have low levels of testosterone.


This can have a negative effect on the production of testosterone since, excessive consumption can affect the endocrine glands which have a direct effect on the testes and their production of testosterone.


It is proven that a high consumption of caffeine, increases the production of cortisol that causes testosterone levels to fall by it, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of beverages containing caffeine including coffee, tea, and cola.


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