How to build lean muscle female

how to build lean muscle female

In this new article, we will discuss about how to build lean muscle female. If you’re looking for information how to build lean muscle female, you’ve come to the right place. Women want strong, well-defined muscles to have an athletic and healthy figure while still looking feminine. This aspect is built on perseverance, good nutrition, a program of exercises and rest.


You have to do your part and eat better. When you eat better you will realize that your muscles recover faster from workouts. You will also notice that your energy levels throughout the day are much higher. Modifying your diet in a simple way will help you a lot. Decrease as much as you can the amount of sugar you consume. Eat more lean proteins. Pass the whole grains and eliminate alcohol, soda, and drinks with sweeteners.


Some super foods help female build lean muscle much faster. Among these super foods are eggs, spinach, avocado, and certain types of nuts. Flaxseed is also recommended. All these super foods provide you with important vitamins, nutrients and other things that help build lean muscle more quickly and efficiently.


Your body needs more protein to build lean muscle, but that does not mean you should eliminate carbohydrates altogether. In return, what you have to do is obtain the carbohydrates from natural sources, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc. The best sources of protein are legumes, eggs, lean birds, among others. And if you’re thinking of including protein shakes in your diet, then we’d better lend you a hand and help you choose which one is best for you:

The amount of protein does not vary too much to that used by a man, that is, if we want to gain muscle mass as women, we must consume in the order of 2.2 to 3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight free of fat. However, for obvious reasons, females can benefit from a higher intake of dairy as a source of protein thanks to their calcium and vitamin D content.

TRAIN HEAVYhow to build lean muscle female

You confused about how to build lean muscle female. Train with challenging weights which is better for you. Train heavy, this is key to gain for female lean muscle. The body needs an important external stimulus, the muscles, literally, must feel that they are being threatened; this is the way they react, by overcompensation. The body is designed to protect you and prepare you for any attack. When you cut yourself, the body by overcompensation forms a tissue, a scar in that wound, it is generally a stronger tissue, the same happens in the muscle fibers. To generate a hypertrophy, for the muscle to grow, you must train heavy so that these micro tears occur in the muscle fibers, which then with adequate intake of protein, carbohydrates and rest are regenerated, the body makes them even stronger in case perhaps in the future you attack them again. It is shaped like a key, they become stronger and bigger. Raise a weight that does not allow you to complete more than 10 repetitions. Minimize cardiovascular, because remember that you need caloric surplus and the cardiovascular will steal calories you need, do not do more than 25 minutes three times a week, do not eliminate it completely because you must maintain physical condition and take care of the heart, but try of avoiding long-term cardiovascular disease.


Supplements help a lot, but it is not the main thing, before taking a pill make sure your diet is right, that you are training heavy and intense and constantly, you are resting enough and what you are being disciplined in the whole of your plan, that’s when a supplement will help you, if you do not control the rest the supplement does not do anything.

This Supplements available in the market, but they are very expensive, the basics are the protein shake, Isolate Whey protein, the creatine that will help you increase power and strength and therefore stimulates muscle growth, amino acids such as glutamine and BCAA that are taken before and after training, 5 g of each approximately.


Rest, have you heard the saying that muscles grow and faster in rest? It is right, when you re-train the same muscle you have must wait 72 hours and you need one day a week to relax and not train, that day low carbohydrate intake, consume them in your first three meals, you’re doing six to seven meals a day every two or three hours.

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Before deciding to increase muscle mass, make sure you have your fat percentage low, you can not say: “well, I already have a few extra kilos, some overweight, I look bigger I will take advantage and I finish to increase muscle” No, your hormones are not in order when there is excess fat, think that the hormones are protagonists in an orchestra and must be in sync so that everything flows.

Men should have approximately 11-12% fat and women less than 19%, so we make sure that your sensitivity to insulin is high, that your thyroid is in order that the receptors in your body work well. Also, remember that after increasing a definition phase comes, because even when you eat well you are eating more calories and you always increase a little fat, if you hold on to the volume phase you lose faster that little bit of fat you gain to see definite. The depth in the muscular cuts is achieved when you lose excess fat.


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