Homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder

homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder

In this new article, we will discuss about homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder. Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to add protein to our diet. We agree that the best way to obtain the amount of protein our body needs is through the intake of solid foods (meat, fish, eggs, etc.), but in many cases, that protein intake is insufficient, especially in the case of athletes. Therefore, these smoothies that are prepared so easily are the best option to help us achieve our requirements.

But do not always have to resort to commercial shakes or protein powder, often the mixture of several ingredients rich in proteins completely covers our needs. These are some ideas. Do you want to know more about these how to homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder? We’ll tell you then:

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The protein is an element of the body to form muscles, bones, skin and other tissues, which is also present in certain foods that we eat. Well, protein shakes can come to include 100% protein, in liquid or powder form, with a wide variety of different flavors. However, the usual thing is that they mix carbohydrates and fats with a lower percentage of proteins.
Therefore, we can say that protein shakes are simply a protein-rich drink that cannot substitute a meal in any case, but it can help us to replace the lack of proteins in the body. A large number of athletes use them to improve their sports performance but, what are the benefits of protein shakes really?


The shakes are used after training in order to ingest some type of food after sports effort. And is that protein shakes can help our body to recover after an exercise of some intensity. How can it be? Well, thanks to the restoration of muscle glycogen, the energy source that is exhausted after the practice of exercise.
In addition, the strength athlete can get a repair of the damage that occurs in the muscles after the practice of intense sports such as bodybuilding or running a marathon. Hence, protein shakes are a nutritional supplement so important for many athletes.


The homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder. One of the most widespread myths about this type of nutritional supplement is that it is somewhat unnatural. Well, the proteins that include these shakes are just that: proteins. It is something that our body assimilates to perfection to nourish our muscles and in no case represents a danger such as the intake of anabolic steroids.
Taking the right amount of homemade protein shakes and not be afraid because it is not a harmful supplement at all. Of course, an excess of proteins can make your body work more than it should be so precautioning with the doses.
Another widespread myth is that protein shakes swell and retain fluids. Nothing is further from reality. If your organism works correctly neither of the two things will happen. And if I stop taking them, my muscles are deflated? No, either. Everything is part of the same wrong myth.


Now that we know that protein shakes are not a magic potion and that they only contain proteins (and carbohydrates and fats in some cases), we are prepared to make our homemade protein shakes. Thus, we will know 100% the content of our shakes and also save a few euros. Let’s go there:

The first thing is to know what foods provide the highest protein content and be clear that the liquid base we use will be skimmed milk, whey or soy milk.

A good ingredient to add to our shakes is the egg whites but beware of adding them raw because your body will not assimilate them and you will not be ingesting proteins in any case. Better to cook them before incorporating them into the smoothie.

Other key ingredients to include in our homemade protein shake can be (banana, fresh cheese, skimmed yogurt, nuts, cereals, strawberries, sugar or honey). Simply add the ingredients you want and mix them with the milk in a blender.



homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder

The banana, apart from being a fruit that provides a large number of minerals and vitamins, provides between 1 and 2 grams of protein, or what is the same, between 2 to 3% of the recommended daily amount. this protein shakes for weight gain banana smoothie is an essential way.


  • Two or three bananas
  • A little milk
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • A little bit of cinnamon


  1. Peel the bananas and cut them into several pieces.
  2. Put the bananas, milk, cinnamon, and honey in the blender jar.
  3. Beat it all well. Ready! Serve in a large glass and drink.


homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder

The quantity of protein contained in the apple is 0.30 g. every 100 grams. These proteins are used in our body to generate new proteins, responsible for building tissues, such as those of our muscle mass, and regulate body fluids among various functions.


  • 1 apple
  • 1 natural yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of pure honey
  • 1 handful of peeled and raw almonds
  • Milk
  • Cinnamon


  1. Wash the apple well, peel it and cut it into pieces.
  2. Put all the ingredients in the glass of the blender: cut apple, honey, yogurt, almonds, some milk, and cinnamon.
  3. Beat it all well. Serve and drink.


homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder

The amount of protein shakes contained in the strawberry is 0.80 g. for every 100 grams. this strawberry milkshake is very delicious which is gain weight. Strawberry extracts positively activate a protein in the body called “Nrf2”, which is shown to increase antioxidants and other protective activities. This protein shakes works to lower blood lipids and cholesterol, the same things that can be leading to cardiovascular problems.

  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • Half a cup of oatmeal
  • 1 natural yogurt
  • 1 little milk
  • 1 quart of flaxseed cup


  1. Wash the strawberries clearly, remove their top and cut them in half.
  2. Put all the ingredients in the blender jar, including the half cup of oatmeal.
  3. Beat everything well so that it mixes.
  4. Serve in a large glass.


The egg is the excellent source of protein for athletes after their routine exercise. It digests more easily. An egg white provides 17 calories and 7 grams of protein of high biological value.


  • 3 egg whites
  • A little milk
  • A handful of oats
  • 1 whole banana


  1. Carefully separate the whites from the yolks. If you want you can book the egg yolks to make an omelet at another time.
  2. Peel the banana and cut it into pieces.
  3. Put all the ingredients in the blender jar and whisk everything well.
  4. Ready, serve in glasses.


homemade protein shakes for weight gain without protein powder

The amount of protein that the oats contain is 11.72 g. for every 100 grams. Oatmeal has proteins in important quantities, it has unsaturated fats and, in addition, it reflects micronutrients of great value when playing sports.


  • 60 gram of oatmeal
  • 15 gram of wheat germ
  • A little milk
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  1. Put all the ingredients in the blender jar.
  2. Add milk and honey to sweeten.
  3. Beat it all well and finally serve it in a large glass.

We all know that homemade protein shakes can help to the tiniest of you gain weight! But, what we don’t know what is the best supplement Protein shakes for weight gain! Also, how do these protein shakes affect your body and how exactly do they help you weight gain easily? And how can be possible you make protein shakes from this supplements?
You will find answers easily to all these questions in this post! Read on!



Protein whey, also known as whey protein, is one of the most widely used supplements when the goal is to increase muscle mass, weight gain, or hypertrophy. The reason? They are a better source of essential amino acids and raise plasma amino acids. Therefore, whey protein provides the basis for the recovery of muscles after the effort and its preservation.


Whey protein is extracted during the creation of cheese that after being sprayed dry has been turned into powder. It is these powders that are used to make shakes or protein bars, but in summary, it is nothing more than the protein extracted from milk. Then they are mixed with flavorings and introduced in the typical boats that are sold in sports nutrition stores.

This protein has a great biological and nutritional value and a multitude of benefits for the human organism, as many scientific studies have shown. Whey protein is a way to add a dose of 20-50 grams of protein to the diet for those who want to provide a protein meal. This protein is as valid as that obtained from meats, legumes or fish. In fact, whey protein is of high quality because of a large number of essential amino acids that make it up.

Whey protein can be found in three ways. Concentrate, more lactose and fat, isolated, with less of the above and therefore more protein, or hydrolyzed with amino acids that make it tasteful.


We recommended one of the best new NutriSport products is Whey Gold Protein. It is an excellent source of 100% intense whey protein with excellent digestibility, perfect for promoting repair and muscle building after exercise. It will help you to optimize the recovery system and to a greater fixation of nitrogen at the muscular level contributing to weight gain.

Mix two teaspoons of whey protein powder in 250-300 ml of milk or water (hot or cold) and enjoy your whey protein shake. The ideal time to have this protein shake is after a workout.


How many times did you hear about casein? Are you thinking about including it in your supplements?

As we have told you here, to increase muscle mass, in addition to following a pattern of exercises, it is necessary to pay special attention to the nutrition. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is essential, but we should not overlook the benefits that sports supplements can offer us.


Casein is another milk-based protein. Milk contains 3.5% protein. Of this, 80% is casein and only 20% is whey protein. The milk, when coagulated, separates into a semi-solid part, called casein and another liquid, where we can find the whey.

The casein is also known as the slow protein since it is digested and absorbed at a slower rate than whey protein: whereas whey protein absorbed at a rate of about 8-10 grams per hour, casein it does it at 6-7 grams per hour.

Casein supplements are available in a wide range of flavors, much the same like as whey protein supplements. Studies suggest that combining whey and casein protein shakes significantly improve muscle growth and weight gain when consumed post workout.

Mix one teaspoon of whey supplement, one teaspoon of casein protein supplements in 250 ml of milk or water (hot or cold), your protein shake is ready easily.


Yes, creatine is one of the most consumed supplements in the world of fitness, and if something is clear at this point is that it works. Maybe there is too much supply and in a store specializing in this type of products we can lose in the meantime, but this allows us to develop more muscle mass and weight gain without any side effects, so it can be taken safely. Its use as a supplement is mainly related to the gain of muscle mass. Creatine supplements are popular in the gym, as they not only help you gain weight, but help you produce energy quickly. The best ones to gain weight are those derived from creatine monohydrate. They are also the healthiest and most efficient.

Mix one teaspoon of creatine supplement powder in 250 ml of milk or water (hot or cold) and enjoy your creatine protein shake. The ideal time to have this protein shake is before a workout.


In the world of muscle growth there are a countless of options to achieve the best results in the increase of our muscles, we have many supplements which we can choose to get high-quality muscles, these are the ones we use for a certain function, when We try to get more muscle mass, for sure we have heard or we have seen a product called BCAA in a supplement store, for many people this name sounds very strange and new, however its meaning is not more than branched amino acids, this is what we use so that our muscles recover after a very intense training, thus we will achieve that they develop, BCAA, supplement to gain muscle mass.

In this supplement, it is mixed the three types of amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine, some of them are synthesized in the body and others can also be obtained through a healthy and balanced diet, it is important that we have clear the functions that this complement has to know that we are consuming.

These three types of amino acids are those that make up the third part of the skeletal muscles, and these are also responsible for the synthesis of proteins, by all muscle fibers, these qualities of the BCAA, make it a very important complement to the time to get the regeneration of tissues and the same growth of the muscles, such as that used by people who have suffered some burns, and need damaged tissues to regenerate, in the case of athletes, it will help us to gain more mass muscular.

Another function of the BCAA is to provide energy to the muscles and thus avoid wear and fatigue, because they adjust nutrients better and also give the fibers everything they need to cope with physical activity, when we ingest this supplement it will help us to maintain a constant energy throughout the routine, at the beginning of it the branched amino acids abound and are lost as we perform the routine, when we ingest BCAA this loss is slowed down and replaced with the complement. Because of this and many other reasons, the BCAA can be an ally for all athletes, it is important to bear in mind that we must accompany it with proper nutrition, rest and hydration are the keys for a good muscular development.

Mix two teaspoons of BCAA Supplement in 250 ml of milk or water(hot or cold) to enjoy your BCAAS protein shake.


For years we have heard about the large benefits that omega 3 fatty acids contribute to our cardiovascular health, however, its properties do not end here. It has also been shown that Omega 3 supplements can help to weight gain and develop muscle mass, something of great importance for those who want to gain muscle, but also for those older people who see how they lose muscle tone over the years.

This type of essential fatty acid has anabolic properties that allow stimulating the activity of protein and insulin. This has a direct effect on the synthesis of the proteins that prevent their degradation. The fact that it also improves insulin resistance causes these supplements to help create more muscle tissue.

So, try these Protein shakes for weight gain. Tell us about your improvement here. You might inspire someone, or even inspire yourself. Leave a comment below!


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