Gym Machine Workout Routine For Beginners

gym machine workout routine for beginners

Deciding to start going to the gym and doing physical exercise is the first step to have a stronger and more flexible body. However, then you may feel lost in front of so many machines. What you need then is a gym machine workout routine for beginners that will help you plan your workouts and confirm that you work all the muscles of the body in a balanced and appropriate way to your level.

To support you in this new stage in the fight for a healthier body we bring you a routine of training 3 days a week and we give you some tips so that your visits to the gym become productive and not a headache.

Gym machine workout routine for beginners: 3 times a week

Beginners in the gym world tend to have more desire and expectations than physical preparation. For this reason, they make the frequent mistake of starting to stop with the exercises and then lose motivation when the results do not appear immediately or they have too many laces to continue with the workouts.

So, just like Pavlov’s dog, they start unconsciously to associate the gym with something bad and do not put their feet back there.

Here is a table for gym machine workout routine for beginners so you can work your entire body efficiently without overloading it. The objective of this routine is to gain a more resistant and toned body in general, with exercises that will help you lose weight and increase muscle mass in a balanced way.

As your muscles are not yet used to the effort, because you are a beginner, we suggest a workout of only 3 times a week, so that you have enough rest days in this initial phase.

Every day in the gym you will have a different training so that you can work different muscles on different days and thus allow them to have the necessary rest between workouts to recover.

The days on which you will train will obviously depend on your availability and schedule, but we suggest you to start the following plan:

  • Monday: Training 1
  • Tuesday: Break
  • Wednesday: Training 2
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Training 3
  • Saturday and Sunday: Break

Training Planning 1

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Training Planning 2

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Training Planning 3

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Tips for beginners

1. Ask for help

Although this is a gym routine for beginners, it is normal that you are not familiar with the names or operation of some of the machines used. Leave the shame aside and ask for help from the gym or teammates to show you the best way to use each one. It is better to leave your comfort zone and ask about risking an injury.

2. Quality instead of quantity

As a beginner, your goal should initially be to accustom the muscles to the effort and stimuli of each exercise. It is advised that in the first days you focus more on performing each exercise correctly than trying to do as 3-4 repetitions as possible and in less time.

Even in the case of the gym machine workout routine for beginners that we presented before, if you feel a lot of difficulty in reaching the objectives for each exercise, you’d better start with fewer repetitions and increase them progressively each time you try to force the muscles too much.

Do not make comparisons

Do not try to compare your progression to those of your friends or you will end up unmotivated or making mistakes in training. Each body is different in level of preparation and in the way of reacting to the exercises, so the results may take more or less depending on each person.

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