How To Gain Weight And Muscle Diet In A Healthy Way

gain weight and muscle diet

Do you want to look bigger and stronger? We will tell you all about the gain weight and muscle diet with your guidelines and foods allowed to see and feel you how you wish!

What is a diet to gain weight?

Diets to gain muscle mass are meal plans specifically designed to increase your muscle size without obtaining body fat.

there are many people who want muscle diet to gain weight because they can not gain weight by themselves. They are patients who look very thin and who for both health and aesthetics seek supervision to gain weight in a healthy way. It may seem easy to achieve this goal but it is actually one of the most difficult to achieve.

Which people want to gain weight?

They are many people who start from a situation of low weight or malnutrition that is compromising their health and their quality of life. They are usually very nervous people with a very active metabolism. Gaining weight when you have a very active metabolism is somewhat complex and several aspects should be taken into account. So it is important that the nutritional advice is personalized and controlled.

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The goals of diets to increase muscle mass

  • Increase in body weight in thin people.
  • Muscle volume phase for bodybuilder training.
  • Increase in muscle strength to maximize the performance of any sport.
  • Muscular development in very active people.
  • The first step in muscle development in new practitioners of fitness activities in the gym.

What diet to take increase muscle mass

  • Perform 6 meals so that the body always has nutrients to perform the hypertrophy. Try to eat every 2 or 3 hours.
  • Try to eat complete carbohydrates at least an hour and a half before the workout. If you can not, you can take as an alternative the intake of one or two ripe bananas 40 m before training for energy.
  • Take fast-absorbing carbohydrates after training, such as. supplements such as maltodextrin or cornstarch, white rice, cooked potato, banana.
  • It is important to add protein in each meal to be able to regenerate the broken muscle fibers of the workout. Try to put about 30 grams of protein per meal.
  • Try to put healthy fats in your diet because it is very important for cell regeneration, eat bluefish, salmon, beef, raw olive oil, nuts…
  • Oats and rice are the strong carbohydrates that can not be missed in the volume diet.
  • At dinner, always try to accompany proteins with vegetables. If you train at night you could put some hydrates to recover after training.
  • For both the definition and the volume diet to take effect you should always eat without skipping meals.

How to balance a gain weight and muscle diet?

Basically, diets to increase muscle mass should be high in calories but without distance. The nutrient that contains more calories is fat which provides nine calories per gram. As for the other nutrients, proteins provide 4 calories per gram just like carbohydrates.

The reason why you should not consume an exaggerated amount of calories is that your body would not reach to process them and would accumulate as body fat. And what you are looking for is a lean muscle that is to say that your body grows but stays slim at the same time. For this reason, it is vital to maintaining a balanced diet which will also be beneficial in every way.

To maintain enough balance of nutrients you need a basic diet to increase muscle mass maintains the following proportions: 55% protein, 35% carbohydrate and 10% fat.  This is not a general rule either since everything depends on the metabolism of each individual and other issues.

What mistakes do we make when trying to gain weight?

Below are the most common mistakes when trying to make gain weight and muscle diet?

1. “Eat more and in any way”. That is, increase the daily energy requirements freely and without control with foods rich in saturated fats (whole milk, eggs, sausages, high-fat meat, sauces) and in sugar (sweet, processed, free sugar).

Many of these foods provide “empty calories” and this will not help you gain weight properly in the long run. There may be an increase in weight but not necessarily muscle mass, but the fat that can increase cardiovascular risk.

2. Focus on the protein. It is true that protein plays an important role in the increase of body weight and also of muscle mass, but it should not be the only nutrient to take into account. Carbohydrates and fats also play an important role in increasing the total caloric intake.

3. Skip meals. People with this profile, who are very nervous, tend to skip some food to the minimum, giving priority to other things (worries, practice of physical exercise …) So you have to try to insist on maintaining the intake since it is more difficult to ensure this increase in total caloric intake is needed if you eat 3 times a day instead of 5 or 6.

4. Do not cover the requirements of vitamins and minerals. Perform a monotonous diet, little varied and unbalanced can cause a deficit of vitamins and/or minerals that compromises the nutritional status of the person.

5. Use more supplements than food. It would be a mistake to prioritize the taking of supplements against a diet based on natural foods. It does not help to take supplements if the food is not well taken care of and worked.

Is It Necessary to Use Supplements to Increase Muscle Mass?

Is it 100% necessary to use supplements to gain weight? No. The most important thing is to have an sufficient diet according to your needs.

Look at the definition of the supplement: A supplement is an entity whose purpose is to complete another entity either because the latter is incomplete or by simple will of its improvement.

If your diet is poor a supplement can help improve the deficiency of this.

So as the definition of supplement says, a person who follows my instructions on eating can use supplements for the voluntary purpose to improve their nutrition or improve it.

In other words, supplements are an extra help for those who already have a good diet to gain muscle mass. However, diet by itself may be enough to gain muscle mass.

Of course, for those of us who are thin and it is hard for us to gain weight, I recommend the use of supplements for the extra help they give.

There is no doubt that they help you gain weight and muscle mass faster. But what I want you to understand is that it is not 100% necessary.

I have seen comments from people who mistakenly say that without supplements you can not gain muscle, but those people clearly do not know what they say, much less have a good knowledge of the nutrition they should carry.

If someone tells you that you must use supplements to increase muscle mass, ignore it and tell it to be a little more focused on nutrition.

To summarize … Supplements are a help, especially if you need to gain a lot of weight. But they are not 100% necessary if you have a good diet.


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