Top 3 Best balance ball chair 2022 (review and buying guide)

exercise balls as chairs

If you are related to exercises, who usually go to the gym or who like a healthy life, surely you have seen exercise balls as chairs. The exercise balls as chairs are very fashionable. These balls are made of rubber and were manufactured for the first time, in the seventies of the last century. From the beginning, it was used for therapeutic purposes. This is the best ball for strength, keep balance and stability training. These exercise balls allow gaining the strength.

Many physiotherapists use exercise balls as chairs to rehabilitate their patients seeking to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Other important advantages are that they help to create muscle tone throughout the body, to rehabilitate the back, hips, and knees after an injury. It can even help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system through low-level exercises.

You can do everything with a single and simple device. That is economical and easy to use from the comfort of your home. Here we will give you reasons for using these types of balls as a chair and best balance ball chair reviews.

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Reasons for using exercise balls as chairs adequate

  • To keep the perfect alignment of the back

Due to the instability, the body needs to balance in it. The perfect posture is coincidental. The body will try to align itself automatically in the exact posture. This improves the health of the spine and prevents back pain.
Improve the balance: Sitting on an unbalanced surface everyday will recover the sense of balance to the response of the muscles.

  • Available for everyone

You can perform stretching or mini-exercises whenever you want, without even getting up. If we have to wait a minute for something, we can create creative use of that time with a quick stretch. Because it is much more suitable, we probably do more to get better health.

  • Helpful to get 6 pack

The body uses the abdominal muscles to compensate for balance changes. Therefore, we are getting an abdominal exercise all time. and this balance ball chair fully helps to get 6 pack easily. so don’t forget to use a balance ball chair.

  • Change positions frequently

balance ball chair will keep us from good changing our body continuously. For example, if we turn 45 degrees our body will think a new position. This helps reduce the damage caused by sitting in the same position for a long time.

  • Improves circulation

By using this balance ball chair, it will increase blood circulation in all parts of the body. You need to make movements to adjust the body continuously in a ball exercise. This is comparable to normal chairs that develop circulation in some parts of the body.

  • We will feel energized

balance ball chair has been proven that being in the same position will give us more energy. By making the motion, we can get more energy. With this balance ball chair, we will feel more energized after concluding gym.
Burn up to 350 calories per day: You can get better movement during the day higher amount of calories burned. Burn 350 calories per day lose 1 pound of fat every 10 days.

  • It makes the person more energetic

When you sit balance ball chair you feel very tired but when you need to change your position continually. People feel more energetic and when the exercise ball is used as a chair and makes movements. At the end of the working day, a full impression of activity is generated.

  • Improves the sense of balance

Balance must be adjusted on an unstable surface throughout the day and this activity would not only improve the sense of balance but also the muscle reactions.

3 best balance ball chair reviews

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball ChairThe Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is developed under the special features. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is designed by leading wellness and health experts to develop core energy as well as health. It involves the similar yoga exercise surrounding used by exercise experts. It increases energy levels in the body as well as recovers productivity and refreshes the mind. This is developed by 2.5 ft tall and 20 inches wide. It suits most standard with a work desk. For a taller chair, it has 2 inches Gaiam’s appropriate legs.

It let you move freely. The weight of this product will be 12.4 pounds and the dimensions of the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair are 25 x 21 x 7.5 inches. As for the weight capacity, it is capable to pick weight up to 300 found. The exercise ball is removable that equips black color with 52-centimeter in size. The manufacturer suggested using an adjustable flexible steel support bar and airing pump.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


  • This Ball Chair extremely reduces the back pain, legs as well as arms pain. That arrives from sitting at a desk for a long time.
  • It helps to improve core as well as improve alignment.
  • Gaiam exercise chair allows build a healthier core, back pain; soothe neck spinal column line up.
  • This supports core hardiness and balanced back alignment.
  • It helps to remove stiffness and neck and back pain as well as make straight your spine.
  • This ball has a 300-pound weight capacity
  • There is an adjustable balance Seat in this ball chair
  • The height and size can be adjustable to fit with your body size
  • These chair legs are more flexible to enable custom-made and allows you readying to fit your specific requirements.
  • It has a stable 360-degree swivel base that allows a very easy motion to satisfy movement around your workplace.
  • It contains different-sized balance round, easy-glide wheel wheels, easy- air pump and secure metal ball.


  • Sometimes you need to use the easy air pump to get a proper result.
  • You need to be aware of the wheel to keep the free movement.

LuxFit Ball Chair

LuxFit Ball ChairThis LuxFit Ball Chair is available in height from 22 – 25 inches. It is depending on the ball rise degree 45 cm to 75 cm, which makes it suitable for each type of person according to its size. This model is mainly used for rehabilitation or physiotherapy after an injury and for physical exercise. It is excellent to improve balance and coordination, gain strength in the back and strengthen the core and abs.

It allows performing low impact exercises that can be carried out by people of all ages and physical conditions. This product contains excellent measurement and weight with the dimensions of 102 x 65.8 inches and 12.4 pounds of weight. With the 2.5 feet back height of the chair, it will help you achieve a healthy life and strong muscles and in good condition. The base of LuxFit Ball Chair is also 20 inches wide.

LuxFit Ball Chair


  • LuxFit Ball Chair is very reasonable
  • It does not have latex
  • It is resistant to pops, has good confection and durable materials.
  • This Ball Chair comes backed with an excellent warranty
  • The Ball Chair is available in different sizes
  • The Ball is easy to pump up
  • This balance ball chair is very suitable for healthy exercise
  • There are no toxic chemicals in this product


  • You may get the slight plastic smell from the ball
  • The ball may need regular pumping since little amounts of air can get away

Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair

Isokinetics IncIt comes in 4 wheels, where 2 wheels are lockable. So no matter how high you are, you can get a great workout. You will also have your choice of beautiful black colors. Made with a material that respects the environment, hypoallergenic and that does not damage the joints, top quality finishes. It is resistant to punctures. The ball is very strong and it is almost impossible to be punctured. The Isokinetics Inc Balance Exercise Ball Chair brings us this incredibly affordable 52 cm Swiss ball as a chair.

It is ideal for people of average size and average weight who want to exercise with dumbbells or some extra weight. This ball offers long-lasting declaration so you do not have to worry about quality. It is ideal for use with Pilates, Cross fit, yoga and other training programs. Your purchase comes with the ball in your choice of size, a hand pump, a tape measure to make sure it is properly inflated, and two plugs.

You can get a full workout of your entire body. It is not only will you get a sturdy stability ball you’ll also get a set of resistance bands. A rolling ball base and back in solid black a reinforced black metal ball retaining bar to keep your ball in place while you exercise. A training set that describes the exercises from easy to more difficult levels. So you can get the most out of your training.

This product is backed by a good warranty and can be returned for any reason. It is easy to inflate, does not bind, and does not have the smell. That many stability balls can have when you first buy it. It also comes with a pump so you can keep it inflated to the proper pressure at any time.isokinetics Inc.


  • It comes with everything, which is necessary for exercises
  • The ball is very flexible
  • It is perfect for yoga and suitable for simply to sit in a correct posture
  • Isokinetics Inc Balance Exercise Ball Chair is ideal for people of average size and average weight
  • Balance ball chair will not scratch your floor
  • This Ball Chair is very strong
  • This product has a long-lasting assurance
  • It is perfect to improve posture and to avoid damage to the back.


  • Sometimes it may be responsible for being allergy

Tips to choose Best exercise balls as chairs

At present, we are used to seeing the balance ball chair in gyms and fitness centers. Its use has become so fashionable that we can even see them in many houses. Exercise balls as chair are a very useful fitness item because they allow us to develop muscles while working our muscles and balance. All types of people from athletes to pregnant women can use it. Maybe you are wondering what sports these types of balls are used. It helps perfectly combines the beneficial intention together with the development of muscle building, endurance and flexibility. With the balance ball chair reviews, you have to know very well about the quality of the ball and what you want to achieve at all times.

Another important issue is the relative size. The size of a balance ball chair is of great importance especially when we use it in sports such as yoga. The balance ball chair size that we have to choose, mainly for our height. The best exercise balls as chairs to improve your workouts will make you see how easy it is to improve your physical condition. However, before you start doing the exercises you have to buy the right product. We recommend you pay attention to the following details we explain how to choose balance ball chair.

  • Size

It is important for several reasons to know if it will fit comfortably in your home. You have to see that it is suitable or not for the type of exercises, what you want to perform. If you are looking to seat and full body exercises, you will need a large exercise ball, not a mini one. There are two ways to determine if an exercise is right for us or not. The first one we should check the one when we select our exercise. Then we will have to look at the size of the exercise balls. On the other hand, when choosing an exercise ball the second explanation will be that we need to select the product according to our gym center size.

When buying exercise balls as chair the size is the easiest way to choose. What we have to look at is the diameter of the exercise balls and compare it with our height. In this way, people who measure less than 1.63 meters must acquire a 55-centimeter exercise ball. People whose height ranges between 1.64 meters and 1.79 meters should use one of 65. Finally, those who measure more than 1.80 m he should select a ball 75 centimeters in diameter.

  • Weight limit

If you plan to use your whole body during exercise, make sure that the model you choose to buy is capable of supporting your weight. This will prevent the Swiss ball from being broken or damaged in any way. Keep in mind that, if you do not specify the weight limit, it is probably tolerated between 100 and 200 kg, which are very low and risky. That can cause injuries and damage to your body.

  • Quality:

Always look for a model that is supported by the opinions and comments of its users in the network. This is made of resistant and durable materials. The maintenance of your exercise balls as chair is a very important issue. You must make sure that your exercise balls stay in good condition during all your training sessions. For this reason, it is advisable that you get used to cleaning it every time you finish a session with a damp cloth. You should also check the air pressure that exists. Remember that an exercise ball should not be too hard but not too soft.

  • Durability

look for a ball with good durability and that is resistant to bursts. Ideally, a ball with a resistance to bursts of 500 kg, especially if you plan to use extra weight. Think that it is like the rim of a car. To choose a Swiss ball you need to sit on the ball with your back straight and your feet resting on the ground at a 90-degree angle. Continuous use and high weight will make it wear. So look for a durable and good quality model that guarantees your safety.

Remember that the size of the exercise balls is very important. If you perform your maintenance exercises on an exercise ball that is too big or too small for you, it is possible that all your effort will be useless. Finally, we suggest that you check often that the ball is correctly inflated. Make sure that it has enough air inside so that your training is correct and effective.


By using a balance ball chair, you can get the best shape of your body. If you use it properly, you will be healthier with the best exercise balls as chairs. Instead of spending huge money on a gym, fees or heavy equipment, it will give you as an alternative gym in the entire room. An exercise ball will give you a good workout in the comfort of your own home or apartment at a price that fits your budget. For the best workout, you cannot go wrong with the exercise balls as chairs. Balance ball chair has been used in gyms all over the world. You can place it in your own living room, at home, personal gym, or any other suitable place.

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