Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners of 2022

best tennis racquet for the beginner

[kkstarratings]We’ll analyze something that will help you choose the best tennis racquet for beginners. You can significantly influence the quality of good quality racquet.

You can self-examine the billion dollar world market for tennis racquets but get tired. We’ve got the best tennis rackets together for our blood, sweat, and tears.

Choosing the best lightweight tennis racquet is a complicated task. Due to the hard work, the best tennis racquets for the newcomers listed separately.

Introducing today’s best ten tennis racquets will make your hard work very easy. You can choose best tennis racquet for beginners without any reason.

Many of those questions are solved over time, trying and seeing what you feel comfortable with and what not. But still, it’s always good to have a base on which to guide yourself when choosing your Tennis Racket.

If you practice in an academy or have access to an instructor, this can give you the best indications on what suits you. But if you play for fun and do not usually deal with professionals, this article will come in handy in your next purchase.

The 11 best tennis racquet for beginners

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1.Babolat Pure Drive 107 Tennis Racquet

Best tennis racquet for beginnersThis racket’s fantastic offer is the control and stability, right off the bat. From the rear view, this step is very much above. It still affords tons of power and plenty of forgiveness, as the best tennis racket for beginners.

You will find advanced technology in this tennis racket which does not separate pure drive from real competition. This cutting-edge modern edge technology gives you more proper to each stripe of the ball.


• Large size
• A little heavy frame
• Weight is low
• Appears larger than usual
• Stable size sold
• Drag the trigger
• Look very nice
• Amazing racket’s
• Control and stability
• Advanced technology tennis racket


• The door will reach unstrung
• The string can be known to pull.
• The online store is a little confusing.


2. Head Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung Tennis Racquet

Best tennis racquet for beginners

Racket with which it can play very helpful because it is an over-sized racket. It seems to be very light and balanced during use. The large surface combined makes it the best tennis racquet for beginners.
Because of the excellent control and durability of this racket, difficult shots can play in the air. It is pure for motions, serve, and spins. These new racquets remain very loved to the newcomers.

The name of this ingredient applied to four strategic areas of Liquidmetal liquid substance 8. You can use all your strength swings with this material.

Its fluid has its nuclear structure and its responsive interface. So there is no power over the force effect. It is a racket of liquid eight most powerful fluids.


• Ten-ounce weight will not affect your skills
• Like slamming balls
• Vibration dampers racquet
• Racquets stability, usability
• Used for many years
• Liquidmetal component is available
• There are responsive interfaces
• A racket of powerful liquids


• Unlike other rackets
• The price is a little higher


3. Pure Aero Tennis Racquet – Quality String

Best tennis racquet for beginners

Pure Aero is one of the best tennis racquet for beginner to intermediate. we all heard the name of the best tennis player in the world Rafael Nadal. According to Rafael Nadal, these tennis racquets are suitable for beginners.

These rockets are quite fantastic aesthetic. It uses the reverse black string pattern of the blue project. Also, it has worked with new and upgraded designs.

It seems to be a baby’s racket, but once you play it, you will know its real strength.

It came in the market with a new version and a new feeling. The FSI string pattern is used to refer to the Cortex Pure. Overall, it will have to improve your skills to ensure a very addicted tennis gear and more.


• Comes with a tennis bag
• Pure Arrow
• Perfect for new players
• High control resistance
• Spin and comfort offer
• Approved by Rafael Nadal


• No drawbacks


4. Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail – Quality String

Best tennis racquet for beginners
Aforementioned is a new name for counter quality, with a super-power and ultra-spin, Wilson 2018 Ultra 100. This new version of Wilson has used advanced technology. This racket consists of power rib, cross zonal groats, and counter layer material.

Its large head size is 11.2 weights. Tennis Skills makes Ideal for POLISH-Up Newcomers Right. Each time a strong reaction with the hard-hitting hit. Players are somewhat suspicious about playing correctly and stability. However, most players are satisfied with their performance.

If you are an offensive or defensive player, however, this racket will help you to provide much speed and control over the power and spin.

Overall, this tennis court offers quite a good deal. It is useful for players of good quality. It has a great blend of pop and spin that makes it interesting.

Overall, these tennis courts provide great, and advanced players can use it. It has a great blend of pop and spin and offers attractive grounds and strokes.


• Very useful for newcomers
• Crisp feeling
• Good for advanced level players
• Big sweet spot
• Large head size with good control
• Vibration dampening material with technology
• Easy to control


• Price is high
• The accuracy of accuracy and stability


5. Yonex Ezone DR 100

Best tennis racquet for beginners
One of the top-selling tennis rockets this year is YONEX EZone DR 100. This tennis racket has gained massive success in the market. So it got its place among the best tennis racquet for beginner.

It used a new element to strengthen its frame and better. The new ingredient used is called nanomaterial DR.

Its head created in a classic isometric shape. They did not have any upgrades. There is something in it that is known for Yonex. For power and control, it’s great to feel stiffer.

Whatever it is in Groundstroke and Valley, this racket supplies plenty of spin and power. Helps you control the most of your shots. This is much different than the other noise, so feel the absorption properties of the shock due to the stroke’s service stroke feel very comfortable and controlled.

Overall, due to multiple features, this racket is the best for us. It’s a lovely design that helps you to make the best of tennis courts.


• The top has been sold
• The frame is quite strong
• Classic isometric shape
• Provides plenty of spin and power
• Stroke is very comfortable
• Nice design


• No drawbacks

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6. Volkl V-Sense 8 300G

Best tennis racquet for beginners
Volkl V-Sense 8 300G Now a new model comes to market. The new model racket has completely changed the game of tennis. It is a strong fan base due to the power supply, spin, and comfort. This model has a low angular beam shape. It gives an excellent and positive touch to the court.

This model creates for beginners. It is lightweight without any vibration or rattling. It is proper for players with various play techniques.

You know a lot about VSense. The features or materials you like to mix with you are a forgiving frame with an aggressive playstyle.

Overall, it has an outstanding performance, and tennis court has ease and maneuverability. String Patters helps you transfer for the maximum power to each of your strikes. Prevents the vibration when it restores improved.


• Great design
• Featuring venerable technology
• Pre-strung and ready to strike in the court
• Absolute for intermediates and advanced players
• Strong fan base
• Power supplies, spin, and comfort
• Minor beam shape
• Lightweight without vibration or rattling
• Tennis Court Comfort
• Improved styling design


• No drawbacks
• Expansive

7. Prince Textreme Warrior 100

Best tennis racquet for beginners
This year, the name of Prince Textreme Warrior 100 came in the first row of tennis rackets. The incredible features of the tennis racket

Due to performance, it becomes viral for everyone. Serve with this rocket is quite fun and easy.
If the head is the light balance, then it is easy to snap the ball quickly. So that the ball can easily catch, so its weight is 10.6 ounce.

Now there are many conventional racquets available in the online market. Like a traditional racquet, it comes with a free string pattern of 16 x 18 that only helps in strength and control. It does not work like a conventional racquet, and it just gives you great spin and spin.

Your tennis racquet will be versatile because you have to rely on Prince Textreme entirely. So it is possible to spin enough with strong groundstroke.

Very sinister with the forgiving performance which has wonderful hard feelings in tennis rackets. Ideally, this Racket is perfect for newcomers, intermediate and advanced level players.


• Large head size
• Helps in strength and control
• Serve is quite fun and easy
• Easy snaping is easy
• Gives a great topspin
• Very sincere with the forgiving performance


• The cover not included
• Grip less padding


8. Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance

Best tennis racquet for beginners
The name of the perfect match for your comfortable playing experience is called Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance. These rackets are very popular for ComfortZone technology. It does not increase comfort but instead plays rocket very quickly.

Those who hit the center off will get maximum power transfer. ComfortZone technology also included. Each shot adds additional pop to the ball with the addition of the shooting. Due to the reduction of string vibration, it helps to make your play style, ball converting very fresh and smooth.

Creates graphite/titanium compounds to keep the accuracy of your shots. Using a sturdy, lightweight and durable frame to make some flexible and hands-on. 107 gives a big sweet place in the head size.

Below the handle uses a SOFTAC that gives you suitable game experience. Excellent dumps all vibes encouraged during impact with the ball.

Moreover, only SOFTAC firmness below the handle gives you a comfortable game experience and dynamically dumps all vibes that are encouraged during the impact of the ball.

Overall, this racquet is an absolute match for newcomers and middle-level players who would choose to take their game to the next level.


• ComfortZone technology
• Very easy to play
• Maximum power transfer
• String vibration decrease
• Fight/titanium compounds
• Lightweight and durable frame
• Drum vibrations nicely
• Comfortable grip


• No drawbacks


9. Wilson Juice 100 UL Ultra-Light

Best tennis racquet for beginners
An amateur friendly tennis racquet is Wilson Juice 100 UL Ultra-Light. This tennis racket has made Wilson Juice line much more popular and better. This rocket is known as the Swiss Army knife for the beautiful performance of the court.

Wilson Juice 100 Yule Ultra-Light Another tennis racquet. It will take you sincerely without being disappointed. The primary size of the 100 is the feature. Tennis racquet makes it perfect for beginners. The big head uses a more extensive and forgiving sweet spot to ensure the accuracy of your shots.

This racquet uses high-quality carbon fiber graphite, so it is a well-balanced rocket. Using a type of cushion foam handle helps to bend vibration immersion in the maximum shock absorption while hitting the ball.

Also, only 11.1 ounces of weight. Healthy and beautiful because this racquet beginner wants. If you play aggressive, you get many advantages of its effectiveness, stability, and power in the court.


• Known as the Swiss Army knife
• 100 main size features
• Ensure increased accuracy of the shots
• Big head bigger
• Using forgiving sweet spot
• Use high-quality carbon fiber graphite
• Use cushion foam handle
• Most shock absorption
• Weight 11.1 ounces


• No drawbacks


10. Wilson Pro Staff 97

Best tennis racquet for beginners
Wilson Pro Staff 97 is another answer to your question when you are looking for the best tennis racquet for beginners. The Wilson Pro Stuff 97 is suitable for the intermediate and advanced player. It is a very favourite racquet for skilled players. It has compelling features. So you will help to play with your maximum potential.

You can hit the ball tightly if it comes in the sweet spot. But which part of the string does not touch. If it is the center, that shot is unforgiving. Wilson Pro Stuff 97 combines its black and red color with the opposite reinforcement. Intermediate and advanced player loves this racquet.

The power level to generate each shot is too much. Each ball can play with solid control and feel at the same time.

Overall, Wilson adds more strength to Pro Stuff 97. It is an attractive choice for average and advanced players.

Overall, Wilson Pro Staff 97 is an excellent choice for mid-and advanced players who want to add more power to their game.


• Suitable for the intermediate and advanced player
• Black and red color combinations
• Power level too much
• Difficult shot controls
• Add more energy
• For aggressive players
• 16 mains and 19 cross pattern
• Extremely comfortable
• Wonderful balance for an excellent and controlled swing


• Comes unstrung


11. Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP

Best tennis racquet for beginners
There are a lot of tennis rackets in the market, but there is also the name of Head YouTek Graphene Instinct. Its attractive design and the blend of beautiful colors come in the market. So dear to everyone. It uses solid objects and graphene in the throat. Especially the weight of the racket gives you a strong feeling that helps you play well.

It helps to generate more strength and spin on the soil. This racket makes you a beautiful sweet spot. So you can play more perfectly in each shot.

Overall, this rocket will be proper for standard players and will help improve your playing property and skills.


• Attractive design lightweight
• Use of solid objects and graphene
• Makes an excellent sweet spot
• Improve quality and skills
• Comfortable feeling
• 16 x 19 string pattern


• Comes unstrung


Something important when choosing your Tennis Racket: the Swing

Swing, in English, means to balance. It is also the term used to refer to the gesture you make when striking the ball with the racket, regardless of the type of blow it is. And it makes sense since you usually swing to hit.

The tennis swing can be short, medium or long. And during a match, all three are probably used. However, the technique of each player tends more to one of them.

Generally, there is a long swing of professional and experienced players. A full movement to find rocket acceleration to speed up the speed of the ball

On the contrary, players who start tend to a short swing, which seeks to get the ball off without getting good offensive hits.

Those who are already at a particular level must have achieved a moderate swing, which allows them to perform certain speeds while maintaining control over them.

It is essential that you have this clear because it is a determining factor to choose your Tennis Racket.

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Characteristics of a Tennis Racket

Before going into explaining how to choose a Tennis Racket, it is necessary to review some features to assess to make a decision.

– Size of Head or Sieve

The head like a Tennis Racket is the strung part with which you hit. And although a priori all rackets look the same, in reality, they have very different sizes that directly affect the hit.

The most common screen size ranges from 625 to 710 cm 2 (97 to 110 inch 2 – inches), approximately, and Classified into four groups.

– Length of the Racket

Tennis Rackets have a standard range of 68.5 centimeters (27 inches). If you choose a longer one, you get more power on the ball, and you get more balls with the same effort.

But not everything is advantages. They also become more difficult to move because the weight is further from the hand. Also, they are less manageable, which can complicate close-body shots and volleys.

Once again, if you want to opt for longer rackets, you need to find the point where you keep maintaining the speed of your swing.

– Weight Distribution or Balance

The balance or balance of the tennis racquet defines its weight through its distribution. It is present in a number that goes from 29 to 37. You can usually find it in the heart of the racquet.

Thirty-two indicate a neutral, intermediate balance. Less suggests that the weight located on the handle and more, that it established on the head (what are known as big-headed rackets).

If the equivalence point is towards the grip, the racket is easier to handle, and you get more control of the ball, so this type of balance is very suitable for those who start in tennis.

On the other hand, if it is towards the head, you get more power and fewer vibrations. But being more challenging to manage, it affects control.

Finding the perfect combination between weight and balance helps you to develop your game much better.

– Rigidity

The stiffer a tennis racquet is, the more vibrations it generates on your arm. The advantage is that they have a great combination of power and control. In contrast, very flexible lose the ability but absorb vibrations better.


How to choose a tennis racket: pattern

The number of upright and straight strings that form the head of the racket is called a pattern. A closed model considered when the space between lines is small (more strings), and open, in the opposite case.

An open pattern generates more power and effects while providing comfort. But if something you are looking for controls, decide for a closed design. These also last longer.

Oversize (OS): Rackets with the most significant head, above 678 cm 2. They allow hitting the ball more efficiently. It is indeed proper for people who are starting in tennis and for those who ran with great effect since the ball has more space to shoot.

Super Oversize: Are those that exceed the previous size, usually above 742 cm 2. They intensify the factors of the previous one, increasing the power and decreasing the control even more.

Mid Plus (MP): They have an intermediate size. You could say it’s the standard size for a Tennis Racket, from 626 to 677 cm 2. They present a right balance between power and control, so they are the most suitable for those who already have a particular technique.

Midsize: Tennis rockets put 625 cm below the lowest sieve. They provide excellent control, but you need to print a lot of force to get good power with them. If you like to play with effect, discard them.


As you can imagine, the heavier your racquet is, the more force you need to move it. It does not recommend that you have to opt for light rackets, much less.

The higher weight of the racket, in principle, a longer swing is achieved. It also generates more power, better control of the ball and less vibration. But you need enough strength to handle it correctly during a whole game.

You need to find the highest weight you can play with while maintaining your swing. Otherwise, you can risk an injury.

The right weight for your Tennis Racket depends on your height, weight, age, and level of play. However, these indications can serve as guidance to start exploring:

Players who start, women and juniors who pass seniors: 240 – 275 grams. Better players with better strategy or even start the competition: 275 – 300 grams. Competition players get, and the precision is 300 – 340g.

Of course, keep in mind that the string also weighs and adds about 50 grams more.

Grip or Grip

The grip is the perimeter of the handle of the Tennis Racket. You usually find this information in the handle plug or the heart of the racket.

In Europe, it measured with whole numbers ranging from 0 to 5, although you can also find it in inches, which range from 4 to 4 5/8, which is how it measured in the United States.

This is the equivalence between one and the other:

  • 100 – 102 mm> 0> 4 inches
  • 103 – 105 mm> 1> 4 1/8 inches
  • 106 – 108 mm> 2> 4 1/4 inches
  • 109 – 111 mm> 3> 4 3/8 inches
  • 112 – 114 mm> 4> 4 1/2 inches
  • 115 – 117 mm> 5> 4 5/8 inches

To find the most suitable one, extend your hand and measure from the center of the palm to the point of the ring finger (the finger next to the little finger). The millimeters you get correspond to the grip you need.

If you have doubts between 2 sizes, always choose the smallest one. You can use an over grip to increase the thickness half size if it is finally necessary, but on the other control, there is no way to reduce it. Of course, keep in mind that this increases the weight of the racket about 16 grams approximately.


How to choose a Tennis Racket according to your Swing?

If you have a short and slow swing, it is better to choose a light racket, under 300 grams, with a high balance and a big head, better oversize: the best open pattern and the profile of the full noise.

In case your swing is medium, you have to look for typical parameters. Weight close to 300 grams, but below these, with average balance and sieve, etc. It is easy to find rackets of these characteristics in any range since they are the most used because they adapt to all types of players.

Finally, if your swing is long and fast, you need a heavy racket, over 300 grams, with the low balance, small sieve and narrow profile. These characteristics give you power, control, and precision.


Choose your Tennis Racket according to your Range

As with all products, the range depends on the type of materials used in the manufacture of the Tennis Racket. The more sophisticated these are, and the more technologies they incorporate, the more expensive the racquet will be.

Low Range: These rackets typically made of aluminum or fusions of this with other materials, so their prices are usually quite small.

As always we recommend, if you are starting to practice and you do not even know if you are going to continue playing in a few months, decide for a racket of this range. If at the end you end up in a closet, at least you will not have spent too much.

Mid-range: It already includes more quality materials such as graphite and fiberglass. Lean for them when you are clear that tennis is your thing and you want to continue playing. Also if you are starting, but you have taken it seriously and have decided to pay to receive classes.

High range: As you can imagine, they made with the best — quality materials: Titanium, carbon, kevlar, etc. They also tend to include state-of-the-art technologies developed by major brands that will not reach the medium and low ranges until they become normal. Decanoate for them, if you play regularly or if you have decided to take another step and enter the world of competition.
Choose your Tennis Racket

Now that you have all the information and concepts fresh in your head, it is the best time to choose the best tennis racquet for beginners.

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