What Are The Benefits Of Deadlifts And How To Do It Correctly

benefits of deadlifts

If you read this article, you probably agree that the deadlift is one of the best exercises. The benefits of deadlifts are very important method which many people have no idea about this.

The deadlift is a complete exercise that requires the use of all major muscle groups. The deadlift is a complete exercise that requires the use of all major muscle groups. There is no other exercise more complete and that has so many benefits of deadlifts for the body’s muscles than this.

What is the deadlift?

The deadlift is a complete bodybuilding movement that can strengthen many muscle groups of the lower and upper body, including those of the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, back). In practice, this exercise consists of performing a flexion/extension of the hip, lifting the ground a more or less significant load with a weight bar in its traditional version.

Too rarely practised in the home, the deadlift is yet an excellent movement to strengthen the glutes and lumbar muscles. We advise this exercise to all those who suffer from lower back pain due to too much sedentary and the repetition of bad postures on a daily basis. The deadlift is also impressive to integrate into a bodybuilding program to increase muscle strength, gain weight, improve explosiveness, or only improve your overall fitness.

The deadlift is a movement that we are driven to perform regularly in our daily life when lifting objects on the ground for example. This technique will be beneficial because it will allow you to take the right positions in everyday life and thus preserve your back.

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The incredible benefits of deadlifts

benefits of deadlifts

The importance of including dead weight in your exercise routine at the gym, I think it is best to start talking about its benefits to the body. I do not know if you know it, but few exercises overcome the deadlift to build muscle mass, though honestly the benefits they go beyond gaining muscle.

1. Improve your stability

Most professional trainers recommend doing separation exercises on a machine to activate the stabilizing muscles (shoulders, abs, lower back…).

But guess what? You do not need any machine to work and strengthen these muscles, you have to convert the deadlift into an exercise routine and that’s it.

2. It helps to correct back problems

Lifting the deadlift correctly can help you back problems. Because with this exercise all the musculature of this area of the body is developed, providing greater protection to the backbone.

You may have read that this exercise is not ideal for your back, but this is not completely true. Someone who had back problems tells it and thanks to a proper deadlift routine, the problems vanished forever.

3. Allows you to burn fat

I’m not going to lie to you, the primary goal of doing this type of compound exercise is to gain strength and muscles. This had to say, although I think it was more than clear.

Well, the fact is that this exercise is an excellent alternative to burn fat because it helps to release a lot of hormones and has a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system.


4. Optimize your grip strength

One of the main problems of beginners is the limited ability of their hands and forearms to hold weight.

This is something that you can solve little by little with the lifting of dead weight, thanks to that you are improving your grip strength. You can even start with a single bar (without weights).

Of course, you must start with little weight and add more and more. I do not recommend using the famous bands around the wrists to lift the weight, unless you are in a hurry to overcome a personal record.

5. Avoid back injuries.

Did you know that a lot of back injuries generated when we try to take a heavy object from the ground or lift a child? Well, with the deadlift practice the chances of this happening to you will be almost nothing.

We say it because your body will be prepared to lift heavy things from the ground, something we almost always do at home.


How to do dead weight correctly?

Some people do not recommend the deadlift because it can cause back injuries, but the truth is that this can only happen if you do not fulfill the exercise correctly or you lift more weight than your body can handle.

Yes, you really have to be very careful when doing this activity. The good news is that in this post I will teach you the right technique.

1. Initial position.

To correctly perform the primary posture you must make sure to keep your back straight while bending your knees.

And not only that, the shoulders have to be slightly ahead of the bar and the grip must be executed with the hands outside the legs so that the arms are as vertical as possible.

Although you should also follow these instructions:

  • The back should be solid and straight with the bottom and upper part of the chest and back.
  • The upper part of the back has to be flat.
  • The bar should go over the middle of the foot and the bar have to be in front of the knees.
  • You have to lift your chest a little to maintain the proper posture of the back.
  • Always look forward or slightly up. This will help you keep your back flat and your chest firm.
  • Pay attention to the position in which you place your hips. One of the most common mistakes is putting them in a very high or low position.

To remind:

Keep in mind that with the hips quite high, the movement becomes a dead weight with srtong legs from the ground.

Now with the hip very low, the hamstrings and buttocks do not contribute to the movement. So you would be leaving all the work to the quadriceps.

2. The movement to raise the weight

benefits of deadlifts

All ready to start lifting the weight? Well, at this point you’ll have to:

  • Climb the hips and shoulders at the same time, always keeping the same angle of the chest, a position for which you will need to keep the knees extended.
  • Climb the bar closest to your body, if possible sliding it through your leg.
  • When passing the bar by the leg of the knees, you have to take the bar backsliding it to the thigh while the knees continue straightening until they are substantial.

3. Movement to lower


To carry out the descent of the bar correctly you will have to do the opposite in the upward movement.

As well? You should bend your chest forward and slightly bend your knees, sliding the bar down your thighs until it passes your knees and, at this point, lower the bar by bending the knees.benefits of deadlifts

Now, what technique to apply in the descent? I will show you three options:

  • Rest between repetitions, which is popularly known as the singles method where you execute the movement in each repetition.
  • Lower the bar to the starting position to make a very short pause before continuing the climb, so that you break with the inertia of the descent.
  • Touch and raise, that is, bounce the weight on the ground. It is the technique that greater repetitions will allow you to perform because you take advantage of the bounce to raise the weight again.


4. The grip

There are three ways to hold the bar for the deadlift. The most common and the one I like most is the mixed grip, which consists of placing one hand above the bar and the other below.

benefits of deadlifts
Mix grip

For me, the mixed grip is that the most force provides at the time of moving, even exceeds the hook regarding effectiveness, but to do the exercise incorrectly with this type grip-you could tear your biceps.

You can also use the double prone grip where you place both hands on the bar and close your thumbs. Truth is the weakest form of restraint but it is super safe.

double prone grip

Finally, you have the option to use the hook grip or hook grip that is very similar to the prone, but the thumbs are placed under the first two or three fingers.

hook grip

For some of my friends, the hook grip is more effective than the mixed because it gives them more power when loading. In my opinion, it is not like that, but it is a question of tastes and how you feel more comfortable.

My advice is to try the three options, in this way you will determine which one suits you best

Tell us your opinion here. And you might inspire someone, or even inspire yourself. If you have any question about the benefits of deadlifts Don’t forget this comment.

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