Beginners Weight Loss Workout Using Gym Machines

beginners weight loss workout using gym machines

Exercise is very important matter to enjoy good health and maintain your physical outlook. Now that winter is around the corner it is good to look for alternatives to have that body fit that we have always wanted. If you are beginners and you like to go to the gym, take note of these valuable machines because they are the ones that will help your weight loss. Do not leave the workout for the last moment!

In this special, you will learn tips and tricks to beginners weight loss workout using gym machines without risking your health.

Beginners weight loss workout using gym machines

machinery for aerobic training in the gym

The cardiovascular workout is to be part of your first sessions in the gym. With them, you will start your set-up and begin to work hard to achieve the goals that you have proposed. Among the machines to start your aerobic training, you can choose.

1. The treadmill

The treadmill is one of the most effective gym equipment for beginners and it helps to lose weight easily. I think we all agree that the tape makes us sweat and a lot! It is the best cardio machine for beginners that we always have in mind if we imagine ourselves in the gym. Your reputation has a good reason because this machine makes us use our whole body and spend a lot of energy. In addition, it allows us to choose the level easily and burn a lot of calories in a short time. Only by walking for an hour, we can get to burn between 400 and 500 calories. And if we challenge to try it out, the amount change between 500 and 1000 calories per hour, depending on the level and inclination that we have chosen during the exercise. In fact, it’s good to use it with a little faster because it helps us balance more easily. However, the use of the tapes can damage the knees due to the impact of our body on the machine. For this reason, some coaches advice strengthening that area with other exercises previously.

Running 5 minutes in treadmill properly, taking a break of 30 seconds between each series.


2. Rowing machine

Some trainers choose rowing machine as the best weight loss machine for beginners. The reason for this qualification is simple: halfway between cardio machines and strength machines, this device makes us use 80% of our muscle mass and activates the whole body. Therefore, by exercising the arms and legs equally, you can get to burn 800-1000 calories per hour. As with all machines, proper use must be made in order to achieve our objectives. It is advisable to use the rowing machine at 10-minute intervals with the proper posture, so that the body forms an angle of 145 degrees when tilting backwards.

Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions, taking a break of 30seconds between each series.

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3. Exercise bikes

Do you want to train on the exercise bike? If giving the pedals is your thing and you want to start training in the gym, the exercise bike offers you the possibility to do it at your own pace and safely. It is one of the best weight loss machines to get started in the gym especially if your goal is to gain strength in the lower extremities. It also allows you to burn many calories, from 500 to 1000 per hour, if used correctly. For this, it is good to keep the resistance at a high level and a constant speed.

Doing 5-10 minutes in exercise bikes properly, taking a break of 30 seconds between each series.

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4. Elliptical machine

Finally, the elliptical is the best machines for beginners. There is conflict around this device according to the coaches, as some qualify it as one of the best machines to burn calories and others think that whoever uses it at a low level burns the same as sitting on the couch at home. However, all agree that it is one of the best machines for beginners and that allows people who have a slight injury to practice sports and can not do the exercises that would normally take place.

For those experts in favour of the elliptical, a person of 80 kilos can burn an average of 800 calories in an hour. The secret of this machine is that, doing an exercise similar to that of the tape, Our joints do not feel any kind of stress. We also work the whole body, including the abdominal wall.

Doing 5 minutes in elliptical properly, taking a break of 30 seconds between each series.

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5. The step machine

Experts say that climbing stair is a good way to lose weight and get good glutes. And luckily or unfortunately, these are totally true. A person weighing 60-70 kilos can burn 500 calories in an hour up and down stairs. So imagine what you could do on a gym machine where you can regulate the options of your exercise.

Unlike the other gym equipment, the step machine requires an extra effort when removing and returning the foot to the machine. If you think that 500 calories are few, you can take a 1-kilo weight in each hand so that the result is even more positive.

Doing 5 minutes in elliptical properly, taking a break of 30 seconds between each series.

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