7 Back Exercise Without Equipment You Can Do At Home

Are you looking for back exercise without equipment? Well, then you have come to the right place. There are many back exercises that we can do home and gym, depending on what we want to get. For many of them, we need bars, dumbbells, kettlebells; but there are also many back exercises that we can do without any equipment and are very effective in their task.

7 back exercise without equipment

1. Exercises for back without weights – The pull-ups

It is the clearest exercise that is presented to the head when we think of exercises for back without weights, they are dominated. It is a movement that is considered among the 10 best existing for the whole body.

Apart from involving a large amount of back muscles, the pull-ups allow us to develop the shoulders, the abdomen and, especially the biceps. An exercise that we should certainly perform.

2. Exercises for back without weights – superman

The technique of stretching superman helps you strength your back completely, although especially the area of ​​the lower back and tone it from top to bottom. You just have to lie on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs. After doing so, raise your arms and legs while arching your back a little. If you want to make it easy do three sets with ten repetitions, if you want to complicate it try to be in that position for a minute. With 3-4 repetitions enough. You choose!

Another variation to work more back and also the arms and leg is to be in the same position but alternate the elevations of the body in X. That is, first raise the right arm and left leg, hold a few seconds and relax them to raise the left arm and the right leg and do the same. You can do 10 repetitions and 3 series.

3. Swimming without water to exercise your back at home

To do this swimming exercise at home and gym, lie also on the floor face down. In this case, relax your back and extend your arms to the side. The exercise is very simple since you only have to perform strokes as if you will find yourself in a pool. You can do them at ground level (making a kind of semicircle) or by raising your arms slightly to stretch the upper part of your back even more. Make 3 sets of 15 repetitions each will be enough.

4. The bridge, one of the best exercises to strengthen your back at home

back exercise without equipment

This exercise, although it may seem simple, we confirm you that after the repetitions you will notice that you have worked hard and that it is not as easy as you thought. To do this postural exercise you have to face on your back with your knees bent and feet level with the floor. Keep in mind that you have to have it aligned with the width of your hip. When you’re ready, raise and lower your hips. Do it slowly to avoid possible damage and try to stay as long as you can up. With this exercise you not only tone the back, but also the gluteus when contracting it to rise. To do the exercise of the bridge for the full back perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions each and you will notice improvements in your back in a short time.

5. Exercise without weights to stretch and strengthen your back

To perform this exercise correctly you will need two chairs on each side to stay in the middle and sitting on the floor. Rest your hands on each one of them and with great care, get up off the ground. Go up and down by extending and folding your arms slowly. If you want a little more intensity, you just have to separate the chairs and you will have to put a bit more on your part to get up. In this case also do 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. As you can see, with this exercise you will not only work on your back but also strengthen and tone your arms.

6. Trunk rotation

If you are looking for back exercise without equipment the trunk rotation is best exercise for you. It is one of the best exercises for back strength. In this exercise, you will need some element that makes you weight, but that is not an excessive weight for you. Stand up with your legs slightly open. Hold the object with both hands at chest height and you just have to turn gently from side to side. Of course, only the trunk do not turn your hips or your legs, because they must remain totally immobile. The objective of the exercise is to work the lower part of your back and if you turn your whole body it will not help. In this case, you can perform 3 repetitions of 40 rotations each (20 to each side).

7. irons

The irons are a perfect exercise both to strengthen your abs and to exercise your back without weights. If you have not done it, we never tell you how you have to do it. Lie face down on your forearm and get off the ground with your toes. Now, if this seems difficult to maintain, we ask you to bring your right knee to your chest and then alternate your legs. Try to stay there for 60 seconds. Then, stand on your side, also resting on your forearm and on the instep and get off the ground. In this case, raise and lower the leg that stays on top. Repeat with each side 60 seconds. You will see how you feel the result!

Exercises with stability ball and elastic bands for the back

For these two exercises, you will need a stability ball or Swiss ball and two elastic or resistance bands. First, lie on the ball with the foot of the hand on the ground. Try to maintain this position as long as possible while enduring stability. By keeping it carefully, you are forcing your back a bit and this is where the exercise is actually done. Try to endure 3 repetitions of 1 minute.

In the case of elastic or resistance bands, you should sit on the floor with your legs extended and hook each one to a foot. Take them from the ends and stretch backwards as if you were rowing. Do 2 repetitions of 15 movements each.

As you can see, exercising your back from home without using weights is very simple. You just need a little bit of willpower. Remember, also, do not make sudden movements when lifting to gain weight or have a good posture to sit to avoid possible discomfort. With these exercises you will strengthen your back and they will help you to have it strong and you will reduce much pain and discomfort.

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